1. What would you take from our school system to yours in Italy? What about from Italy to ours in Finland?
  • Here every student can choose what to do and study, and you can go wherever during breaks and lunch time. From Italy I would take the class system where the people stay the same for the whole high school experience.

2. What has been the biggest cultural difference?

  • Language and not being able to express myself the way I would like to.

3. What is the best thing about Finland?

  • Respect towards other people, institution and authorities. It’s something I don’t see in my country and that’s the reason I don’t see Italy getting better.

4. Are you planning on coming back to visit Finland?

  • Yes, I want to see the Northern Lights and visit Lapland again. I also want to see my host family and some people here in Lahti as well.

5. Where do you see yourself studying next? Did this experience as an exchange student change it?

  • I don’t know. Now I have no idea what to do, I’m more confused now than ever by this experience.

6. Has this experience been good for you?

  • I have seen things from another perspective. Even more than just the Finnish one, for example I have had an exchange in an exchange since I have lived with another Italian boy from a different part of our country, and it’s like a whole different way of seeing everything.

7. Do you have any advice for someone who is getting to know an exchange student?

  • Realize that there is a lot more to know than you think because we are coming from a very different background.